About Me

I came to Silicon Valley when the internet was in its infancy. Initially, I joined a private equity firm, and soon co-founded Totality, which we sold to MCI/Verizon and is now called Verizon Business.  I am incredibly fortunate to have had that experience and to have met the people I worked with. 

After Totality, I decided it was time to explore another profession: filmmaking. I co-directed the feature-length documentary Favela Rising about the drug war in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which won the Tribeca Film Festival and was short-listed for an Academy Award.  I then made a second film, The Gloves, about the best amateur heavyweight boxers in the world, most of whom live and train in the South Bronx, NYC.

Spending significant time in the worst slums of Rio and one of the worst slums of New York, I realized that most residents of poor neighborhoods want to get and keep a legitimate job.  Only if they can't get that job do they turn to crime in order to eat.  As a result, I started the Mochary Foundation to help ex-convicts succeed in getting and keeping a legitimate job to break the poverty-crime cycle.  

Now my mission is to help the highest potential CEOs in Silicon Valley succeed.